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Our year long training program for those students who have graduated high school or have spent greater than one year out of high school.

During your time at YAA you will have required study, acts of service, spiritual retreats, and learn more about yourself and who God has called you to be.

Please contact our office for more information.

Prior year interns:

             David Denny                                               Tessa Coates                                         Shawn Stenlund

“We sure would like to increase our ability to disciple people.”

“Hey Jim, I’m not sure what I should be doing right now. College is so expensive, and I don’t even know what I want to study.” 

“Wow, YAA is growing, and there isn’t enough of us to get all of the work done. We need to multiply ourselves!”

These desires, thoughts, and realities have finally coalesced into a year-long
 internship program for young adults that are seeking guidance and direction for their future.

God has directed David and Tessa to be a part of our pilot year, and these first months have been incredible. Shawn Stenlund will soon be joining us too. We are encouraged that this is going to be an important program that will be a benefit to the participants and our camp ministry.

Please pray for these young leaders as they seek God’s leading in their own lives and for us as we invest in them. For more information, to support, or to become a part of this program, simply give us a call at 406-763-4723.

Our Internship Initiative is a response to a real need we have identified that will assist young adults that are considering how God is leading them in the years between high school and their career. With the cost of college education pushing past $20,000 per year, many young people are hesitant to expend this money on education without certainty of what field of study they are interested in.

As an alternative to basic minimum wage jobs with no future preparation attached, we are offering the Internship Initiative as an opportunity for young adults to accomplish the following objectives:

1. Create a strong ethic towards work and service
2. Identify and develop their personal strengths and interests
3. Receive training and experience in many areas of the camp and retreat work environment
4. Develop personal skills as they carry out varying full-time duties
5. Grow spiritually from being immersed in a strong Christian community that is intentionally committed to mentoring relationships


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