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Electronic Monthly Donation Request Form

Electronic Monthly Donation Form Below is a request form that you may find to be a useful tool for you to make your monthly contributions to YAA. Here is how it works: Instead of having to remember to write out a check and mail it in every month you can authorize Yellowstone Alliance Adventures to have your pledged amount drawn automatically from your account. You simply complete the form below with all the pertinent information, sign it, and send it back to us with a voided check or deposit slip from your savings account.

YAA will set up a secure method for you to begin paying your monthly pledges automatically from your bank to ours. Then every three months, you will get a receipt in the mail for the current annual contributions that you have made to the Partners in Ministry program. We will also keep you updated with the latest inside scoop at Yellowstone Alliance Adventures so you can keep us in your prayers and be ready to share with others that might be interested.

And by the way, I want you to know that if for any reason you wish to modify your support to our ministry, we are able to increase or decrease the support amount or stop the payments as soon as we have a written notice from you. We could even stop payments for a month or two if the need arises. All you have to do is let us know.



Electronic Monthly Donation Request Form

I/We authorize Yellowstone Alliance Adventures (YAA) to charge my/our account each month as specified below. This authority will remain in effect until I/we give written notice to cancel it. I/We understand that all changes of status to this agreement take three to six weeks to be processed.

Monthly donation of $______________ on the ____ 5th or ____ the 21st from Checking or Savings (check one)

Financial Institution’s Name:_________________________________________________________________________


Account Number:_________________________________ ABA Routing Number:______________________________

Account Name(s):________________________________ Signed:____________________________ Date:_________

(If second signature required) Name:_____________________________ Signed:________________________________


Please return to: Yellowstone Alliance Adventures • 13707 Cottonwood Canyon Rd. • Bozeman, MT 59718

You must attach a copy of a Void Check or a Deposit Slip from a savings account.

Keep for your Records

My donation to YAA is in the amount of $____________________ from account # _____________________ to be withdrawn on the ___5th or ___21st day of each month.

You may make changes to this agreement at any time by writing to Yellowstone Alliance Adventures at 13707 Cottonwood Canyon Rd., Bozeman, MT 59718. Please note: All changes of status will take three to six weeks to be processed.

The staff and Board of Directors thank you for your partnership with this ministry.

Please print and mail to:

Yellowstone Alliance Adventures 13707 Cottonwood Canyon Rd. Bozeman, MT 59718-8991

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